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Invisalign® Vs. Traditional Braces: Which is Best for My Needs?

Orthodontic options such as Invisalign® and traditional braces have both proven effective at straightening teeth and fixing common bite issues; however, they are very different treatment techniques and one may be better than the other for certain patients. While traditional braces can be a more ideal option for patients with ... Read More

Will Invisalign® Work for Me?

For many people who have orthodontic issues such as teeth misalignment or bite irregularities, the prospect of wearing traditional metal braces is not a pleasant one. Over the years, the field of orthodontics has seen a number of developments that have made treatment a more comfortable and more discreet experience. ... Read More

Invisalign Discount!

Save Over $600 On Invisalign® Express 5 this Spring! If you're looking to straighten your teeth discreetly, Invisalign's clear, removable trays might be the right answer for you. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation! Not all cases will qualify for Express 5 treatment. Offer Expires June 30, 2015

How Much Does Invisalign® Cost?

Easy to use, removable, and practically undetectable, Invisalign® clear aligners often offer patients a greater sense of freedom throughout the teeth straightening process. According to our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Edward Romano, the average treatment time for Invisalign® is around 18 months. With these distinct benefits (among several others), the question ... Read More

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