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If you have delayed seeking treatment for a damaged or decayed tooth because of the hassle involved in having a restoration crafted, CEREC® may be just the solution. Available at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey, CEREC® technology allows our cosmetic dentists to custom-craft porcelain crowns, inlays, and onlays in just one office visit. Instead of having to wear a temporary and wait a week or more for a dental laboratory to craft your restoration, you can have an attractive, custom restoration crafted while you relax in the dentist’s chair. After just one visit, you can leave our office with a fully restored smile.

What is CEREC®?

The CEREC® system involves two pieces of equipment: 3D computer software (which uses information about the patient’s teeth and mouth to create digital 3D images) and a milling unit (which uses the images to fabricate the restoration). Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey uses CEREC® technology to create beautiful, custom-crafted porcelain crowns and inlays and onlays in just one office visit – a vast improvement over traditional methods, which require that a patient wear a temporary for a week or more while a laboratory crafts the restoration. CEREC® restorations are as good-looking and durable as laboratory restorations and are often used in reconstructive dentistry and cosmetic dentistry as part of a total smile makeover. With CEREC®, you can reclaim dental health and beauty in one convenient office visit. To learn more about CEREC® technology, contact Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey today and schedule a complimentary consultation.

The CEREC® Process

To begin the CEREC® process, Dr. Romano or Dr. Bizzarro will prepare the tooth for the new restoration. This may involve administering anesthesia and removing decay or unhealthy tooth structure. Next, he takes digital photographs and optical impressions of the patient’s teeth and bite; no messy trays are necessary. He then enters this information into the CEREC® software, which transmits it to the milling unit. The milling machine then custom-crafts the restoration in a process that takes about an hour, during which time the patient can sit back and relax. When the restoration is ready, the dentist places it, ensuring before proceeding that it fit with the teeth and mouth. The result is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind restoration that matches the patient’s appearance and smile flawlessly.

Contact Our CEREC® Dentist

Patients who need to have a tooth repaired can do so in just one dental visit thanks to CEREC® technology. If you are interested in CEREC® single-visit restorations, contact Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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